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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

Brian’s training and experience have created his teaching philosophy.  With over 14 years of being a full time instructor and being mentored, Brian has developed a philosophy that works for everyone. His philosophy is based on control.  Many instructors and coaches focus on confidence and consistency, but you can’t have either of those without having control of where the ball goes. By having control of the ball you are able to establish an expectation of what will happen. From there you are able to strategize to your strengths on the course. While also being aware of the areas of your game you need to improve.  Brian works with all levels of golfers and helps them to gain control of their shots through the use of modern technology and teaching methods.

Novice Golfers

Novice Golfers

New golfers and higher handicap players need to learn clubface control. When you have control of the clubface angle at impact you will have control of where the ball will go. Clubface angle not only controls the direction of the ball but also the height and how solid you hit the ball.  Contact consistency is a skill that needs to be developed at this level of golf.  Short game shots like chipping and pitching accelerate this skill.

Intermediate Golfers

Intermediate Golfers

Once clubface control is introduced and practiced there is an emphasis on body motion and positioning. This is critical to improve both power and consistency of the ball flight. Using the body efficiently and effectively allows the golfer to hit the ball solid and control the distance. Learning to curve the ball as well as changing trajectory is a focus here to help the golfer develop more shots on the course. Fine tuning alignment in both long and short game is a focus which improves precision and consistency of direction.

Advanced Golfers

Advanced Golfers

Low handicap players and professional players focus on developing a game plan for the golf course that will play to their strengths. This includes both a physical and mental game plan. Advanced golfers have control of their swing and clubface angle which allows them to focus on course management, strategy, and mental consistency. These golfers look to learn and develop new and unique shots to use around the course which gives them a competitive advantage. These shots allow them to control the spin on the ball to give them total control.

Get to Know Brian

Brian SchorstenWhere did you Grow up?

“I'm originally from Canton, Ohio, home to the Professional Football Hall of Fame, but also home to some incredible golf courses. Some of my favorites are Canton Brookside Country Club, Congress Lake Country Club, and Firestone Country Club.”

Brian SchorstenWhere did you go to college?

“After attending Coastal Carolina University for two years I then completed my degree at the University of Akron. I also played two years of collegiate golf at Akron. Our home course was Firestone Country Club which was an incredible place to play and practice.”

Brian SchorstenWhat was your favorite golf team memory?

“We had some great guys on the team which made the whole experience a lot of fun. I'm still very close to some of them. However, my favorite memory was that every time we left Akron in the van for a tournament we would watch Varsity Blues on the way out of town.”

Brian SchorstenWho was your favorite PGA Tour player growing up?

“Curtis Strange if my favorite, I'd have to say. I absolutely loved watching his swing on T.V. It's still one of my favorites. My dad had his video "How to Win and Win Again" and I swear I've watched it a couple hundred times.”

Brian SchorstenWhat is your favorite golf course you've played?

“Muirfield Village is my favorite "famous" course but Canton Brookside is a close second.”

Brian SchorstenWhat is your favorite golf tip?

“Don't hit a shot until you're absolutely sure of what's going to happen. Don't guess or hope. Tell yourself what you want to do with the shot and you'll have a better chance of having that outcome.”

Brian SchorstenWhat clubs do you play with?

“I currently play with Cobra Clubs. I have played Cobra equipment in the past and I'm excited to be back with them. Also, I am excited to wear Puma golf gear. Puma clothes fit great and keep me cool in the hot Texas summers.”

Brian SchorstenWhat's your favorite Golf book?

“Jackie Burke's "It's Just a Game" and Ben Hogan's "Five Lessons".”

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Brian is available for club fittings, corporate outings/clinics, writing and speaking engagements, film and photo opportunities, pro-ams, and playing lessons.

Please contact Brian for inquiries: bschorsten@colonialfw.com


Colonial Country Club offers a world class teaching/practice facility which includes the Roland Harper Teaching Center named after the former Head Golf Professional of the club. The teaching center includes two indoor/outdoor hitting bays that are also cooled and heated and equipped with state of the art technology such as:
Trackman, FlightScope, Boditrak Pressure mat, KVEST, V1 Swing software, Fitting clubs from most major club manufacturers, Mitchell Lie/loft equipment.